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From little acorns, mighty oaks grow


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  • Electrifying new start to 2019/20!

    Published 13/09/19

    A new school year begins and our unit is Physics with a 'current' focus on electricity. We have a lot of bright sparks in Year 5 this should be a doddle!

    What did Benjamin Franklin feel like after he discovered electricity?  Yep you guessed it ...... SHOCKED  :)))))

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  • Elephant's Toothpaste/Candle staircases and the excitement of goggles and gloves!

    Published 16/03/18

    Candle staircase/Elephant's Toothpaste and playing with acids and metals (safely of course!)

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  • Particle Theory

    Published 30/01/18

    Melting Spoons and thixotropic non-newtonian substances!!

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  • Particle Theory

    Published 15/01/18

    Whoosh bottle and diffusion

    Flame throwing and becoming a perfumer's apprentice!


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  • How do the Year 5 teachers teach the solar system? Yes, they PLANET!

    Published 06/12/17

    Yes we know. The corniest joke but we quite liked it. 

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  • Newton's 3 Laws of Motion.

    Published 20/11/17

    Newton's three laws of motion!

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  • Upthrust(buoyancy) and Air resistance(drag)

    Published 18/11/17

    Year 5 have been exploring upthrust and air resistance. 

    More cool experiments have been performed over the last two weeks and still more to come.

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  • Sensational Science!

    Published 20/10/17

    Science is exciting! Teachers perform magic!

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