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EYFS - Oak National Summer Classroom

Oak National Academy has provided the following rationale for the units they have provided and a link to what is available.  They do advise that, if you choose to do a unit, you complkete the unit.

EYFS Literacy

The units chosen are all fiction and narrative units as we believe stories provide the most engaging hook to stimulate reluctant learners or those who need to make accelerated progress for any reason. Importantly, vocabulary, sentence structure and turn of phrase are actively mastered orally which means they are effectively embedded before use in writing. This, in turn, leads to fluent, high-quality independent writing that follows.

Unit - Oak National Academy ( - EYFS Literacy 10 lessons Focus:Action

Unit - Oak National Academy ( - EYFS Literacy 10 lessons Focus: Problem 


EYFS Maths 

The units and lessons within the existing Oak curricula for EYFS Maths provide the fundamental building blocks for all pupils’ life-long learning in Maths, as well as other subjects. Due to this, we have not chosen any specific units as priority over others in EYFS.

For guiding summer learning, we suggest selecting a realistic number of whole units, in topics where you feel your pupils need most development, building on securing existing knowledge, as well as accessible and progressive unit(s).

Maths lessons for Early Years Foundation Stage students - Oak National Academy ( 

This will take you to all units. We suggest you choose number based ones.